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Fear the way

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FoxDhalia and Charles deBage

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게시일: 2018년 02월 27일

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Construct 2

A 2D platformer, telling the story of a little girl who is lost in the forest at night. The build for download is complete as a game, wich means that its has an intro, some game levels and a conclusion on the end of the play! But, as project itself, is not finished yet, because we still have much to improve. Enjoy! #opensource #ggj14
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Fear the way
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로딩 중...
Kaen999 인증됨 (레벨 19) 2019-10-23
I like the game, but the controls are very strange.
My suggestion: Better controls and, why not, a update or a sequel.
indiexpo Addons (레벨 13) 2018-03-08
You can find this game also on our new extension/ #addon on your own Browser.
Click and Play!
Fellowplayer (레벨 23) 2018-02-27
I like this game, controls are a little rough but good gameplay.
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