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Father - The Lost Link

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In the mid-1980s one of the myths of video-games emerges, but how did it all begin? Find out now ...
This game is under development, thank you for feedbacks.
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Father - The Lost Link
Father - The Lost Link
Father - The Lost Link
Father - The Lost Link
Father - The Lost Link
Father - The Lost Link
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로딩 중...
로딩 중...
Fellowplayer (레벨 23) 2018-07-05
Looks a little like a certain couple of brothers...
Enoch (레벨 7) 2018-06-29
another platform with indiepad for single player :/ the thing of the indiepad is to use it with friends! Add two players! pleeeeeeease!
Amir (레벨 14) 2018-06-29
ok. played the first minutes. it's too hard in the first part. you have to start with very easy levels and then improve the difficolty. improve also the assets and the style of the game (now too similar to super mario)
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