Craft a Raft

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Play as a cute little noob that lost in the middle of the sea because he ran away from his mother
and now have to navigate his way throug the harsh sea on a raft that you craft (no pun intended ;) avoiding obstacles.
To see new versions and updates about our game visit our twitter:
and our tumblr
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Craft a Raft
Craft a Raft
Craft a Raft
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DANILO MUMMOLO (Level 10) 2019-07-27
bellissima idea bravo
iamhere (Level 13) 2016-12-02
ahahahhahahahahahah very funny ! And amazing pixel art !! :) Is it original ?
sunfury (Level 4) 2016-08-24
Hey, thanks Jonathan and Staff for your interest, we've added some screenshots :)
Just notice it's a very old version of the game, that we made in a ludumdare jam.
We've kept updating it since then,
you can see it in our twitter:
or our tumblr:
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