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1061 플레이어 - 3 구독자 구독자
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A Multiplayer RTS Game Set in the Middle Ages.
• Play with or against others in real time
• Choose your path from 6 playable classes
• Gain access to more powerful abilities and skills
• Play across a large world with 3 Continents and 25+ Cities
• Conquer the seas with 8 ship designs
• Obtain loot to strengthen your kingdoms
• Earn 50+ badges
언어: English  
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로딩 중...
로딩 중...
Heromerom (Level 12) 2017-01-29
It's amazing! It remember me some games I have played.
Staff 인증됨 (Level 15) 2017-01-25
Hi, can you create different links to each downloads? With the several platforms. You can add the link of your website in the Website area.
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