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Beware The Frog

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"Beware The Frog" is a game made for the annual 2022 Game Maker Italia, and it gained the third place.
The game is platform where, other than jumping and wall jumping, you can use your tongue to reach distant places.
Try complete fully the game in 19+1 levels, or just go to the exit as fast as you can in speedrun mode!
언어: English  
Beware The Frog
Beware The Frog
Beware The Frog
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Darkleo (레벨 11) 2023-12-10
The idea of ​​the toungue is beautiful and well implemented, at the beginning the control system is a bit difficult to assimilate but then it goes smoothly. Simple but very refined graphics. Good level design! Great!
Patience (레벨 8) 2022-12-07
Solid platform game, original mechanics, beautiful aesthetic. Still waiting for the "cutscenes update" ;)
Deneris (레벨 17) 2022-12-06
not bad. fluid, easy to play. A classic platform. sadly nothing special. i don't like so much the background images. Not because they are uglies, but because sometime they are very different. too different.
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