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250 플레이어 - 3 구독자 구독자
게시일: 2016년 02월 01일

액션 게임


Push other players off of ledges, don't get pushed off yourself.
언어: English  
댓글 4
서식 도움 서식 도움 380
로딩 중...
로딩 중...
flykidsblue1 (레벨 10) 2020-08-03
Nice game!
Jonathan Fish (레벨 16) 2016-08-15
are you continuing it ?
TakkenTag (레벨 4) 2016-04-05
The idea is nice... but you should improve it. Can you add an area when i can see how many players there are ? And a bar life. Then improve the background... it's boring... This can be a very nice game !
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