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A bit game is a puzzle platform game with bits and logic ports.
Developed in 9 days for the GMI's 1 bit Jam!
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a bit game
a bit game
a bit game
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Stre93 (Level 11) 2021-07-26
too simple. in several parts i don't know what to do to continue.
Scario (Level 9) 2021-07-24
Veramente simpatiche le meccaniche di questo platform! Ho solo sentito la mancanza della possibilità di sbirciare il livello prima di affrontarlo, giusto per avere un'idea di cosa dover fare.
ronnye (Level 15) 2021-07-23
How many time to make this game? it looks good and make by a good developer, but it looks also made just in few time, just to release something new. Is it your first game for a jam? few time to make it?
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