Wings Of Bluestar

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Shinu Real Arts

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Shoot em up

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Wings Of Bluestar is an indie shmup featuring HD 2D graphics and a horizontal gameplay style. Shinu Real Arts is an indie game dev studio and Wings Of Bluestar is our first big game.
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Wings Of Bluestar
Wings Of Bluestar
Wings Of Bluestar
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Multiverse (506 Batu Permata) 2019-01-04

woooooooooooooooooooooooooow. Like an old arcade game. I played a lot of games like this in japan arcade rooms!

RalphW (469 Batu Permata) 2018-12-06

can you upload it here? i have problems with google drive. it looks a perfect old style arcade shoot em up for cabinet

fats (2583 Batu Permata) 2018-09-26

Spectacular. Like an anime in a videogame

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Wings Of Bluestar
Wings Of Bluestar
Wings Of Bluestar
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