The Blind Prophet

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Ars Goetia

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The Blind Prophet is a Point'n'Click adventure and narrative game. Explore the corrupted city of Rotbork, and brave the Great Evil that lurks within.
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The Blind Prophet
The Blind Prophet
The Blind Prophet
The Blind Prophet
The Blind Prophet
The Blind Prophet
Komentar (23)
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Kiko90 (Tingkat 9) 2019-10-31
Any news? No devlog here?
chuyenhangvevn (Tingkat 1) 2019-06-25
Thanks for sharing, nice article!
endworldgaming (Tingkat 3) 2019-06-20
Hello everyone, I played through the demo and was quite impressed with the game's art and intriguing story. So much so, that I decided to record a video to showcase it on my YouTube channel. Really looking forward to seeing what the final game will be like. Good luck on the continued development of the game!
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