Red Hot Overdrive

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Adventure Game Studio

Inspired by old Amiga 2D car racers. This game was made in one month for the monthly AGS competition (MAGS) - Run your shiny Ferrari 430 "Scuderia" through ever-changing tracks and through 5 different scenarios. Reviewed here:
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Red Hot Overdrive
Red Hot Overdrive
Red Hot Overdrive
Red Hot Overdrive
Red Hot Overdrive
Red Hot Overdrive
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Soulrender (Tingkat 12) 2020-01-04
Damn... You reminded my very own first NES console... Good times... Game is awesome.
the ugly truth (Tingkat 11) 2017-03-11
Incredibile... Made with AGS ...
xMaurx (Tingkat 9) 2016-11-14
huge work with this tool !
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