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QBO's Adventures

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Construct 3

"Qbo's Adventures" is a little retro-style-8bit platform, conceived to be played on mobile-devices but also playable in browser/desktop; for it I've developed a specific control-system based upon two only switches, that replicates the good, old "Game & Watch" Nintendo's paradigm.
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Hi there! A lot of time is passed from the last update, but this one is a BIG update! I've completed the entire first world of QBO, with two new levels, a middle-boss and a final boss-fight stage. All with it's own music and sounds. I've fixed a lot of minor bugs and re-designed some parts of some levels, introduced a new trap (flames!) and made some improvements in the...
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QBO's Adventures
QBO's Adventures
QBO's Adventures
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franco999 (Tingkat 13) 2019-08-23
Are you continuing this game?
Multiverse (Tingkat 6) 2019-01-04
this game can be perfect on mobile and desktop at the same time. you're a very smart developer! But improve the assets!
RalphW (Tingkat 8) 2018-12-06
there are still few construct 3 games to play. but this is a good one!
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