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Piko Piko is a adventure platform action game with visual novel elements where you play as Piko, a little blacksmith girl with a big heart hammer. Piko lives in a peaceful world, but all changes when strange shakes start to happening.
Cute Girls
Secrets! Hidden npcs with new history interactions
Detailed, living background
Beautiful handmade pixel a
Bahasa: Portugues  
Berita: 1
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Piko Piko Girl
Piko Piko Girl
Piko Piko Girl
Piko Piko Girl
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Soulrender (Tingkat 12) 2019-12-26
I think I found a game for late evenings :)
Great Job
RockMith (Tingkat 9) 2018-12-15
great work with the pixel art! Cute character and nice platform design!
cutiesbae (Tingkat 6) 2018-02-27
Very nice game!
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