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Orius Project

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Dipublikasikan tanggal: 03/09/2023


Rpg Maker MV

Orius-Project-[ALPHA] (Games-HTML5)
Configuration Minimal:
Intel core 2 quad q8300
AMD Athlonx2 250
Ram 6go ddr3
Graphic Nvidia gtx 280
Graphic amd radeon r5 230
Minimum ADSL 2MO/sec
Vdsl 5mo ou 10mo/sec
Fibre recommended
Naviguateur falkon ou firefox mozilla.
Bahasa: English   Francais  
Berita: 2
#soutien #Adventure
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Orius Project
Orius Project
Orius Project
Orius Project
Orius Project
Orius Project
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fats (Tingkat 12) 2024-06-14
The intro is amazing. Did you make the video? I can find where to switch the language
Deneris (Tingkat 17) 2024-03-06
what is happening? If I play on Play button, i can play it online, but I see a weird window.
Xalag (Tingkat 6) 2024-01-05
what kind of plugin-in did you use to make this 3d effect? I used rpgmkr a lot of time ago. but i remmeber it only in 2d. never seen a game with this style
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