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MizzeBury is a retro,strategy game. It was made for a gameJam so the entire game was made in 2 days and a half. Everything was made by RTTStudio except the background music made by NINE - . If you have any question leave a comment. You can follow me on twitter I'm currently working for an update. So leave comments!
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Today I just released a new update. MizzleBury_V03. This update added a difficulty selection menu (easy,normal,hard), a better help menu, a tutorial, a start menu, the ability to switch between 2 fonts, and some game balancing. Next week-end I participate in the ludum dare, but after that I should continue working on this game a bit, changing some game mechanics, making it...
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Luis (Tingkat 17) 2018-02-20
Very original idea
Jonathan_Fish (Tingkat 16) 2016-08-17
page not found D:
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