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Knightin'+ Demo

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Knightin'+ is a classic Zelda-lite adventure. Explore and fight your way through the dangerous dungeons filled with traps, puzzles and magical artifacts. And, of course, show the evil bosses who is the real boss here. This demo contains only the first dungeon. Full game is available here: #pixelart #zelda
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Knightin'+ Demo
Knightin'+ Demo
Knightin'+ Demo
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Kira (858 Batu Permata) 2019-09-16

Omg. This game is damn perfect. Incredibly. I played this demo and completed it. So great! Did you make also other free games? I checked your profile, but it looks to be your only and first game. Please, continue. You have a gift

indiexpo Addons (2761 Batu Permata) 2019-09-14

You can find this game also on our new extension/ #addon on your own Browser.



Click and Play!

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Zombikittie (182 Batu Permata) 2019-09-02

Hi there. I truly love the vibe from this game. Soooo many nostalgic vibes. Gave me a legend of zelda vibe. I highly suggest checking out this game. you can get the demo here and the full released version on steam!!

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Knightin'+ Demo
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