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The multiplayer demo is here, download now!
Gather your friends and prepare to scream! Whether you are hunting or sneaking, you will soon be sitting desperately on the edge of your seat, in this manic game of hide and seek.
Bahasa: English  
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**Hunt 'n Sneak Devlog #4 - Multiplayer Beta Online and Some Bright Ideas!** **NETWORKING** As the game is prepared to take the plunge into online multiplayer there's been lots of networking changes and de-bugging. Amidst all the chopping and changing the join a friend function has been added so that players can connect with each other and play in a private session....
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Hunt 'n Sneak
Hunt 'n Sneak
Hunt 'n Sneak
Hunt 'n Sneak
Hunt 'n Sneak
Hunt 'n Sneak
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Gianus (Tingkat 8) 2021-06-10
il video di youtube è stato rimosso
Best IndieGames (Tingkat 18) 2018-03-03
This game is in the video about the Top 5 Best Indie Games of February 2018

YouTube Gameplay
Luis (Tingkat 17) 2018-02-26
It's TOO dark. It's very hard to play it
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