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Horn of Balance

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GameMaker Studio 2

Come explore this world of secrets and adventure. Featuring solid #Zelda-like action, vast non-linear dungeons and a wholesome story about a young golem protagonist called Linden.
Bahasa: English  
Horn of Balance
Horn of Balance
Horn of Balance
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Snyder Baru (Tingkat 5) 2024-05-08
la grafica è ben fatta, ma probabilmente non la parte che attrae di più del gioco. gli elementi sembrano quasi presi da altri giochi e non originali.
Best IndieGames (Tingkat 18) 2024-04-06
This game is in the video about the Top 8 Best Indie Games – March 2024

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Eugor (Tingkat 15) 2024-03-24
Probably too similar to Zelda. No original ideas. I noted also same icons. Is it possible? IDK. Nice, but not good. Interesting...but...where is the original idea? Why to play this game and not a Zelda game?
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