Heralds of the Order

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Description Heralds of The Order is а turn-based strategy game boiled down the genre’s core principles. Utilize positioning and abilities with elaborate patterns to achieve victory! Featuring hand drawn art and over 20 story hand crafted missions.
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I posted another article on our games #AI https://www.reddit.com/r/gamedev/comments/d2uf0j/our_take_on_gridbased_tactics_ai_design_philosophy/ #devlog #programming #turn-based #tactical
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Heralds of the Order
Heralds of the Order
Heralds of the Order
Heralds of the Order
Heralds of the Order
Heralds of the Order
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Kaen999 (Tingkat 19) 2019-12-06
When you gonna launch the complete game?
mayduavongts (Tingkat 1) 2019-06-11
Thanks for sharing, nice post! Post really provice useful information! http://anthaison.vn/sp/may-dua-vong-tu-dong-ts/
Gesan (Tingkat 5) 2019-01-13
few classes to use. I hope that with the next update you will add new elements
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