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Harry Potter 4 Demo1

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Rpg Maker VX ACE

You control several characters of the Harry Potter Universe. The plot follows the original Goblet of Fire but with some cuts and additions to suit the gameplay better.
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The Full Game is now out and features new features, this demo is not representative for the complete game, however this demo is from a year before release so if you are interested to see the difference you can totally check out the demo and compare it with the complete game. Link to complete game:
Harry Potter 4 Demo1
Harry Potter 4 Demo1
Harry Potter 4 Demo1
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franco999 (Tingkat 14) 2020-02-24
MrWilliamCaesar (Tingkat 3) 2016-10-02
Hi! Fun thing you continued the gbc harry potter serie becasue i really loved the serie. Good demo, looking forward to the next update
Mente77 (Tingkat 8) 2016-10-02
It's too late to do a game about #HarryPotter. You should do a game about Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them :D
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