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[HammerA] Hammer Time !

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[HammerA] Hammer Time ! is a video game like no others, it's an anime sequence you'll have to complete by Tiping H or T in the right way ! Find the secrets and unlock things as you progress in the game ! My first game with a Leaderboards and achievements
Bahasa: English  
[HammerA] Hammer Time !
[HammerA] Hammer Time !
[HammerA] Hammer Time !
[HammerA] Hammer Time !
[HammerA] Hammer Time !
Komentar 9
Bantuan formatting 380
Stre93 (Tingkat 11) 2016-11-03
nice !
Greg3232 (Tingkat 6) 2016-10-04
always the same frames...
NovoG (Tingkat 10) 2016-10-02
very huge... and ripetitive D:
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