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This is the great period of the COVID19 crisis, spanning 2021 with its COVID20 version.
In a small town in France, in a suburban HLM, GrandMa sleeps peacefully while waiting for the day of confinement to pass ... like all other days.
That morning, she woke up suddenly and found herself facing her cat Marius, hungry and determined...
Bahasa: English   Svenska   Nederlands   ‏فارسی‏   한국어   Italiano   Suomi   Slovenčina   Espanol   日本語   Bahasa Melayu   Polski   中文 (简体)   Русский   Bahasa Indonesia   हिन्दी   Francais   Deutsch   Українська  
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Version 2022 of Grandma #pointandclick (call Grandma Badass) available on Steam ! Remaster version and 100% positives review for this crazy #adventuregame ! Let's go on :
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