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Diced and Confused

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Dipublikasikan tanggal: 11/02/2023


GameMaker Studio 2

Made for the GMTK Game Jam 2022; Theme: "Roll of the Dice"
A tricky dice rolling spin on sokoban!
How to play
Push dice! A die’s number increases when pushed by the player - A dice at six will switch to one. Put dice in their place - Each Dicepad shows a number, if a dice of the same number is on the Dicepad, the Dicepad will light up. Light up all the dicepads!
Bahasa: English  
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Diced and Confused
Diced and Confused
Diced and Confused
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Fleurman (Tingkat 14) 2023-02-13
A very nice revisit of the sokoban ! The graphics and sound are charming and lively, the puzzle are finely designed. Bravo, good work !
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