Bunny Battle Nemesis

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Sci-fi, bloodthirsty bunnies, and the powers of hell at your disposal! This is Bunny Battle Nemesis. Experience explosions, chaos, and gore as you defend the Bunny Kingdom from certain doom at the hands of a vengeful demigod and her army of mercenaries.
#fighting #hacknslash #action #adventure #combat
Bahasa: English  
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Update Bunny Battle Nemesis to V1.02: - Overall Fight Mechanics polished. - Valentina attacks updated (highly). - Game Design Balance. - Other minor fixes and polishments. #action #fighting #adventure
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Bunny Battle Nemesis
Bunny Battle Nemesis
Bunny Battle Nemesis
Bunny Battle Nemesis
Bunny Battle Nemesis
Bunny Battle Nemesis
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garryblu (Tingkat 8) 2022-09-18

YouTube Gameplay
Rating 10/10 stars for this game. Nice one :D
Stre93 (Tingkat 13) 2022-09-16
It's a good start, the colours are great! Probably you need to add more frames. Nice characters
Gesan (Tingkat 8) 2022-09-06
Is it in 3d right? Because the characters ' animations are not very fluid
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