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The Three Visions

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Rpg Maker MV

Latest version : v1.10. Three great heroes are destined to save the Kingdom of Trilands from the evil Demon King, Lapans. But in the final dungeon, the heroes are defeated easily. It's strange, since the fate does the opposite of what the prophecy told the humans to believe. This questionable "destined-but failed" issue will be investigated by the Demon King himself, Lapans.
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The Three Visions Extended v1.10 is out~ The Three Visions Extended v1.10 is out~ Major updates! Bug & glitch fixes! And now, you can play this game via browser. :) #thethreevisions #avelions
The Three Visions
The Three Visions
The Three Visions
The Three Visions
The Three Visions
The Three Visions
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mTSOULI (Tingkat 10) 2020-04-14
Nice game
Coopa (Tingkat 10) 2018-10-29
You have to talk about your games also on the official RPG maker forum!
Staff Terverifikasi (Tingkat 16) 2018-10-18
Removed the Download Link with a redirect to your website. You can add it in Website area.
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