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Tropical Terror 2

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the corsair as returned from the dead to get revenge. Only the princess fiera Wolfard can stop her devilish plan to take over the world and save her useless fiance.An epic adventure only awaiting to be played
भाषा: Francais  
Tropical Terror 2
Tropical Terror 2
Tropical Terror 2
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WolfCorp Profile (463 Gems) 2019-01-18

I actually really like the game, I've completed the base game (bad ending) and now I'm going for the true ending, I suppose. I like the story, the graphics and the sound department as well. The gameplay is its weakest spot, I'd say.. because it's primarly luck-based, as most enemies move randomly. The game has quite a few difficulty spikes and a few hard-as-nails sections.

Some things are hard to distinguish from the background. The issues boil down a bit the score. But it's a solid 7/10 :D

Tropical Terror 2
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