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Almost Heroic

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Play as Alex and save your lover Arianne who got kidnapped by the evil emperor! He wants to marry her!
Hurry up, grab your sword and get her back!
Created for Ludum Dare #33, "Almost Heroic" seems to be a classic NES like J-RPG with a basic plot. Under its appearance, the game denounce naively some videogame usual but harsh behaviour.
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Almost Heroic
Almost Heroic
Almost Heroic
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Satsume (स्तर 8) 2022-03-30
I very like the art of this little project, and the parody that killing the dragon is always the solution, you put a nice message in this little pearl.
The only thing that i didn't like is the battle system like dancing/buttons combo like, in any case good job :D
Fellowplayer (स्तर 23) 2019-06-09
When was this made?
Joke (स्तर 8) 2019-04-30
Voted one star?
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