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Towering Yoga Masters

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This game may look cute but the challenge is very real! You might not be able to do it. See if you have the skills to balance all 10 yoga masters on top of each other! Fun simple physics game that will challenge you. Try to avoid being put off by the silly distractions. Suitable for everyone. #casual
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Towering Yoga Masters
Towering Yoga Masters
Towering Yoga Masters
Towering Yoga Masters
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DANILO MUMMOLO (Level 10) 2019-07-26
very very good
indiexpo Addons (Level 13) 2018-06-23
You can find this game also on our new extension/ #addon on your own Browser.
Click and Play!
Fellowplayer (Level 23) 2018-05-04
Not bad for a first game.
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