Play Timelord Medieval: EP 1

Timelord Medieval: EP 1

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This short game is more of an in-depth story than it is an RPG game. It aims to hold it's realism through the difficult game play.
The game will not automatically heal you after every battle, If you believe that you should buy more potions, weapons or armour then do so.
You are in control.
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Timelord Medieval: EP 1
Timelord Medieval: EP 1
Timelord Medieval: EP 1
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Jonathan Fish (Level 16) 2016-08-14
It's good. Easy to play with an interesting plot. Yes. I agree also with the controller .. I don't see anything that difference this game from other... You can try adding original features and mini game :) the base is good. You should only improve it ;)
TheController (Level 9) 2016-06-08
another classic rpg made with rpg maker...
ForeverGamer (Level 5) 2016-06-07
It's Good !
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