The Tower - Order of XII

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A long time ago the world was ruled by a powerful evil force called "The Void". One day twelve heroes came together and against all odds they were victorious. The void started to fade and the twelve heroes made their promise to the people, they will continue their mission until no signs of that evil remain. The Order of XII was born.
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The Tower - Order of XII
The Tower - Order of XII
The Tower - Order of XII
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Best IndieGames (4515 Gems) 2019-08-04

This game is in the video about the 5 Best FREE Games of July 2019

mazzutakgame Profile (3510 Gems) 2019-07-26

Very cool project, i've support your game on kickstarter❤ , good luck with this game

leone25 Profile (629 Gems) 2019-07-26

realy cool game, a fit on the complex side, but realy cool! Great graphics and sound, just missing a background music. Kep up with this beautyfull work

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The Tower - Order of XII
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