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NekoChan HERO

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NekoChan Hero is a 3D platform game with a particular graphic style and a varied gameplay. Controls:
- [Ctrl > Fire]
- [Space bar > Jump]
- [Alt > Use powers]
- [TAB / Q > Scroll inventory]
- [Enter > Pause]
#platform #platformer
भाषा: Italiano   English  
खबरे: 5
Version 0.1.1 now available: Added the fifth level and the first boss
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NekoChan HERO
NekoChan HERO
NekoChan HERO
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Gatsu87 (स्तर 14) 2021-07-15
Is there any updates?
AngelStarStudio (स्तर 8) 2021-06-17
This is really cool!!! What engine did you use to make it??
where_is_love (स्तर 11) 2021-04-25
Is there a plot? Should I save anyone? Is there a ninja princess?
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