A Sh*t Game

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This is a new game I made for fun.
The craziest child you've ever seen will start making a lot of colorful poop, it's up to you to sort out the poop streams to keep the pipes from clogging up.
Activate the valves by clicking on them or using the arrow keys
#Puzzle #3d #unreal #crazy #shit #poo
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A Sh*t Game
A Sh*t Game
A Sh*t Game
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jaco (Level 9) 2020-03-23
very good game keep it going
gamefive सत्यापित (Level 15) 2019-12-03
It was fun. I need more time to understand the game system. It would be nice to have an explanation.
mazzutakgame (Level 13) 2019-11-23
ah ah ah ah ah very funny game:-D , i've some difficult for understood the game mechanics , but the game is very funny.
Good job 5/5
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