Mystery tomb 8bit demo

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retro 2d game style gameboy
भाषा: Francais  
Mystery tomb 8bit demo
Mystery tomb 8bit demo
Mystery tomb 8bit demo
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DanGames (Level 6) 2017-06-23
Wow O.o nice puzzle game
boyflea (Level 6) 2017-06-23
It is a good demo: nice style and simple graphics, fluid gameplay - though not always intuitive.
Would add that it could use a decent splash-screen to explain the controls.
Nice puzzles but the spike traps are far too sensitive- too-often killed as I had passed them by.
But its a good demo, nice engine: needs an intro and a game-over screen then you are all set. :) Nice work, thanks!
boyflea (Level 6) 2017-06-19
Looks great! Love retro-dungeons!
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