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Kingdom of Pixels 2D MOBA

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Kingdom of Pixels is a 2D multiplayer side-scrolling MOBA and platformer game. It is similar to the style of other MOBAs like League of Legends and DOTA 2. The game's theme is pixel-like, bringing a nostalgic and simplistic feel to it.
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Hello Everyone! New minor changes are here! - **Update v0.4.4** **General** - Add the item tab to the game menu. Now you can see all items and their tooltips in the menu. - Add item builds to match history. Works with old matches **Items** **Shadow Slayer** - Passive: Cooldown increase 20 sec => 24sec - Fixed an issue when shadow slayer triggers during cooldown.
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Kingdom of Pixels 2D MOBA
Kingdom of Pixels 2D MOBA
Kingdom of Pixels 2D MOBA
Kingdom of Pixels 2D MOBA
Kingdom of Pixels 2D MOBA
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RealTidus (स्तर 13) 2022-12-29
you are very close for 2000 players! Congratulations! Can you add more screenshots about the gameplay?
DiegoGramicciol सत्यापित (स्तर 18) 2022-06-16
Very funny game!
Decelo (स्तर 11) 2022-06-11
I am watching this game always in home Page recently. You are on fire! I will try it today!
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