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Glasses Guess

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You are a duckbill. Shortsighted as hell,
the world looks totally different for you between having glasses and not having them.
Also, the rooms look different and act differently ,too.
By taking on and off the glasses, playing with boxes and fighting robots,
you can find your way to save your girlfriend.
भाषा: English  
Glasses Guess
Glasses Guess
Glasses Guess
Glasses Guess
Glasses Guess
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Boruto (Level 6) 2019-02-09
great plot. so cute.
ronnye (Level 14) 2017-03-26
congratulations! it's a very good... even if it's very short. i like the draws and all the "type" of sprites. Did you make also other games?
franco999 (Level 13) 2017-03-24
very nice. The idea is the best point. But also the sprites are very nice and the same for the puzzles. Is there an online version? It's very short... you should make a serie :D Good luck!
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