Fech The Ferret

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Fech The Ferret is #3d #platformer all about speed, electronic music and a pink ferret.
In this demo you can run and explore the very beginning of Fech's adventure as he wakes up in a oddly uncomfortable forest set in the region of Marmocle.
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We're updating the visuals of the game! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LCT3mUAPOMM A brand new demo will come out later this summer. For more ferret content, feel free to join our discord server! https://discord.gg/9QKKx6X
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Fech The Ferret
Fech The Ferret
Fech The Ferret
Fech The Ferret
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wearevenom (Level 12) 2021-09-21
yes. i like it. now it is very short. not so many areas to explore and not so many different stages. but i am very curious to see the new stages. will you add a desert stage? sand and pink. my favourite colors
Gale (Level 5) 2021-09-03
very interesting project. To follow. The main character is very cute. But he is alone in this amazing world. I noted the lack of other characters to interact. Nice the light effects and the "neon" part. Great job!!
ronnye (Level 15) 2021-07-23
the speed is a clear message of this game. And the colors are the best part. The palette selected is perfect. You should improve the plot to make it more addicted
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