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Orbox B: Rebirth

64 खिलाड़ी - 10 सदस्य सदस्य
Linux white डाउनलोड करें
Orbox_B_Rebirth_for_Linux_v1.4.7.zip (101 MB)
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Orbox_B_Rebirth_for_Windows_v1.4.7.zip (106 MB)
को प्रकाशित: 16-02-2020



Guide Orbox between blocks to solve various types of puzzles. Good challenge and fun gameplay. A lot of game mechanics. A lot of levels. Level editor to build and share your own levels. Sci-fi story.
Game also available on mobile - Android, iOS.
भाषा: English   Русский  
खबरे: 3
New version is ready. New main menu with tabs. New awesome level pack "Rooms" in the single packs section.
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Orbox B: Rebirth
Orbox B: Rebirth
Orbox B: Rebirth
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cradth (स्तर 14) 2020-06-26
Love the visuals and the gameplay too! Cool character portraits! :)
lucyinthespace (स्तर 15) 2020-02-16
I played a game like this a lot of time ago on an old windows 95
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