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Endless Road

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Unreal Engine

Hi, I'm a young developer who just started developing videogames!
This is the first game that i developed with Unreal Engine 4, i used the whole past summer to devepol this, and i finished it during the winter.
#Arcade #Pixel
It's really simple as a game, it doesn't have too complicated mechanics but i still hope you enjoy it!
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Fixed an issue of music not looping
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Endless Road
Endless Road
Endless Road
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Agent44 (Level 13) 2019-05-12
Due consigli: se il gioco è anche in inglese, ti conviene inserire la descrizione in inglese. Aggiungi altri screenshot per invogliare a provare il gioco. Stanno che tu l'abbia fatto usando ue. Se avessi usato construct2 avresti impiegato la metà del tempo
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