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Your Star is a RPG-Adventure-Exploration game, developped with Game Maker for Windows systems. It is based on hand-made drawings on paper, giving it a unique visual and atmosphere.
In the game, you control a young boy who need to explore a strange mansion to find his sister and escape the place. But the house is haunted by Shadows and you have to fight them on your way.
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natahem (स्तर 4) 2016-12-15
The game is now on Steam store: http://store.steampowered.com/app/520080 :P :P :P
Jonathan Fish (स्तर 16) 2016-08-17
very creepy game ! Good work ! I follow !
natahem (स्तर 4) 2016-08-12
Hi all,
The game has just been greenlighted on Steam! I'm very happy about that :P
So the full version should be released soon. In the mean time, you can send me any comments (based on the demo) for eventual bugs/problems (@gmail.com">natahem@gmail.com). And I will try to make a solution or help file for the beginners :P
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