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Endless Combat Dungeon

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Rpg Maker MV

A brutal dungeon crawler without any crawling. It's based on the old Wizardry games and board games like Dungeon Quest. Press F3 to stretch-to-fit. Please feel free to leave any suggestions/quest ideas/item ideas/monster ideas, etc. #roguelike #rpg
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Many events still need pictures drawn like the grim reaper, sailing etc
Endless Combat Dungeon
Endless Combat Dungeon
Endless Combat Dungeon
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FiascoGames (160 Gems) 2019-09-20

good job! don't be afraid on some comments, keep follow your imagination ;)

kalindor (1169 Gems) 2019-09-17

You changed it so many times! Every day a new version. A new game.

lucyinthespace (1831 Gems) 2019-09-16

I don't know about this new version. Now there are few stats and this is good to know how to play. But now it looks different from the retro games mechanics (that makes it good). Are you still continuing it? Oh. Just noted that you make also Shadowmain. Only on itch? Why? Do you have more players there? Here you looks like a popular developer. Weird choice

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Endless Combat Dungeon
Endless Combat Dungeon
Endless Combat Dungeon
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