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Rpg Maker MV

Touch-or-click game. Gather treasure, save the princess, don't die. Picking up many of the same objects or killing the same enemy in a row will multiply your score.
भाषा: English  
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Armor upgrades added, keys collected is shown in the down right corner
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Blackthorn Profile (2244 Gems) 2019-11-10

Maybe make combat 1d6 based and every sword is 1 extra die? But losing combat always makes you lose only 1 life per fail.

Blackthorn Profile (2244 Gems) 2019-11-10

Boss wizard that flees between levels and defeating him wins the game.

Blackthorn Profile (2244 Gems) 2019-11-10

Let levels gradually get bigger. Let a wise man tell you advice on how to best the game. Introduce some kind of combat where food is involved or randomized attacks... Like fury of Dracula style? Test around.

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