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Drift Racing! Practice drifting, or go racing against other people. #drift #racing #html5
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**NEW! Spin control, and auto braking.** Both can be turned on/off in game. **Spin control** will detect if your drift is about to get out of control, and will steer into the drift until you are back under control. **Auto braking** will detect if you are about to head off the track, and will apply the brakes for you. Happy drifting! :-)
Drift Team
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Parzival (670 Gems) 2018-05-31

Fighting versus own shadow

Eugor (2675 Gems) 2018-05-03

i don't like it so much. the design is not so clear, I don't know who are the other players, how to earn money and if it's a "fast race" or a tournamente. It's no clear. #makeiteasy

TyrionL (3412 Gems) 2018-04-29

Can I play it online at the same time with my friends?

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