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Browser Game

Rpg Maker MV

A faithfull remake of the hit MMORPG World of Warcraft, through RPG MakerMV game engine while making use of smart plugins such as Yanflys Core and Alpha ABS. In due time and hopefully with some extra funding the game assets will be replaced with custom ones. But for now I am forced to use the default rpg maker assets.
भाषा: English  
खबरे: 2
Updates the movement scheme. Move your character with Arrow keys, Left click or Gamepad!
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Redn नया (Level 2) 2021-11-14
Can you add more screenshots?
Tails_Strife सत्यापित (Level 14) 2021-11-14
commands are very unconfortable, I can't play with WASD and when there are dialogues I must use arrows for select, it's impossible using movement buttons and the same time skill buttons, because all of them are in left part of keyboard, and in tutorial you must put also a "help" button for remember commands because YOU CAN'T EXPECT THAT AT THE START OF GAME A GUY REMEMBER EVERY BUTTON
marino13 नया (Level 3) 2021-11-14
Come join our discord! There is much to talk about and the game has much in terms of plans for the future!
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