Zenith's Call

23 Players
Published on: 2018/07/13



ZENITH'S CALL is tactical, turn-based MORPG that allows users to sync up to quest and adventure across a massive land. Explore the world of Ardent, a dangerous fantastical world. You will be able to journey from border to border, adventuring and questing with your friends. Your character develops as you do.
Language: English  
News: 3
June 24, 2018 * Changed hero scrolls to cards * Added cards as drops from their monster types * Added potions, only usable from the overworld * Added food, only usable from the overworld * Added stat tonics, which provide temporary boosts to their specific stat * Fixed various issues with hero units * Fixed various issues with item UI * Removed the Legend Keeper...
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Zenith's Call
Zenith's Call
Zenith's Call
Comments (5)
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Karma (3738 Gems) 2018-07-15

Why in the news of July you talked about the news of June? I will download it tomorrow. Soon my feedback!!

TyrionL (2447 Gems) 2018-07-15

Are all the assets original or ripped? It's strange that a so perfect game has still so few downloads

Reofloor (1212 Gems) 2018-07-14

great work!

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Zenith's Call
Zenith's Call
Zenith's Call
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