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Starcaller (Demo v1.5)

196 Players - 19 Subscribers
Published on: 2020/06/07


Rpg Maker MV

A High Fantasy/Sci-Fi RPG adventure. Starcaller is a retro style game currently in development. Exploration, Dialogue and Character building are the essential building blocks. Play as Avarran, an exiled priestess with hidden powers needed to restore order to the planet Vaerok, as she re-discovers her destiny.
Language: English  
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Testing out our new Grapple Hook feature
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Starcaller (Demo v1.5)
Starcaller (Demo v1.5)
Starcaller (Demo v1.5)
Starcaller (Demo v1.5)
Starcaller (Demo v1.5)
Starcaller (Demo v1.5)
Comments (13)
Formatting Help 380
JawsOP (Level 10) 2020-07-12
Very good. Even if make the dialogues shorter lol
RockMith (Level 9) 2020-07-06
Can I play it on mobile?
Best IndieGames (Level 14) 2020-07-05
This game is in the video about the Top 3 BEST NEW Indie Games of June 2020
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