War Vegetables

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The War Vegetables Tournament is here! The winner, will rule over the Club Lands. The competition is tough, The Kids, The Girls, The Outcasts and The Bookworms, they all want to win! Join Dario, the loner, help him make new friends, recruit more people in your Club and Grow your Team of Vegetables to challenge your opponents!
Langage: English  
War Vegetables
War Vegetables
War Vegetables
War Vegetables
War Vegetables
War Vegetables
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Domiz (Niveau 5) 2021-06-17
Finally a game different from the other rpgmaker games played in the past years! Great work. Idea 5/5, design 3/5, pixelart 5/5, gameplay 3/5
rpgmakerfan (Niveau 9) 2021-06-10
very funny game! Great sprites and the use of MV is very very good! Short but interesting. Good luck
galaga (Niveau 10) 2021-05-28
An evolution of Farmville in single player. Sorry for the comparison XD
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