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Space Blastererer

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A little unbalanced space game (with a few bugs) developed over a weekend. There probably won't be any major updates to it as it's part of a bigger project titled: FINISHING MY PROJECTS!
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Space Blastererer
Space Blastererer
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ConanOB (Niveau 6) 2023-03-23
I confirm. it is not so easy to play. I checked the description, but you should add also a "short" live tutorial to explain how to play. just my tip
Marco Sacchetti (Niveau 14) 2023-03-17
It's not so easy to play. Very hard during the first minutes
Staff Validé (Niveau 16) 2023-03-15
Hi @AnthonyNkl, tell us if you want to add the online Leaderboard as you made with uDodge:Practice Tool!
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