World Basketball Manager2

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WBM2 is a basketball manager that lets you take control of your favorite team and start an international career. WBM2 is not just the latest additions to the successful WBM series, but a completely new game, based on a super fast engine and a friendly and simple interface. The game includes a huge database that covers all serious basketball action around the world.
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World Basketball Manager2
World Basketball Manager2
World Basketball Manager2
World Basketball Manager2
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Fellowplayer (Taso 22) 2018-01-03
I'm not entirely sure what I am seeing here. Is it a game?
tsiftaki (Taso 4) 2017-11-18
You should download the Real Names patch from here: to really enjoy this game.
Popsan Angel (Taso 13) 2017-11-18
nice idea! I played a lot of fotball manager... but never a basketball manager! Are the players real or fake?
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