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WMC Flash Conflict 2

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Tornado 7

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Whiteman is back! In this new adventure, Whiteman will face new battles that will lead to an unexpected surprise.
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WMC Flash Conflict 2
WMC Flash Conflict 2
WMC Flash Conflict 2
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Max Enter (676 Jalokivet) 2016-11-10

Can you replace the download link ?

geod_3 (1556 Jalokivet) 2016-10-09

Did you do other games like this ?

Aironenero (255 Jalokivet) 2013-05-20

Bellisimo.. lo adoro più bello del primo.. la grafica è uguale hai fatto un bel riciclo per il secondo capitolo... <br />Adoro il game play frenetico e le armi ben assortite.

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