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Wishful Daisy

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It's a collection of 4 card games which I developed while learning Unity. You can also hide UI while in the main menu to manipulate deck the way you like.
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Wishful Daisy
Wishful Daisy
Wishful Daisy
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Luis (8746 Jalokivet) 2018-01-22

improve the user interface. the game is simple and good. the animations are perfect

Fellowplayer Profile (22330 Jalokivet) 2018-01-18

Its simple but has a nice gameplay method.

Freank Profile (4251 Jalokivet) 2018-01-18

I voted 4 star, because I like it but the assets have to be replaced. I played above all patience, very nice! And please, replace the BGM :D. You can also add a button to go back and change game

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