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Pixel adventure, mostly about dialogues and choices. The arcade-style fighting system is included. Barter items, solve quests, try not to dig in fresh graves.
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More polished battle system, player backs to it's left screen part. Now inventory items has battle stats, but they are not numbers, lol. Battle system will be based on the descriptions of items. E.g. Old Bread has a 'block' ability so it will give you a defence move. +various little tweaks. #wiggert #adventure
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LesGrossman (Taso 12) 2020-12-04
Over 1000 players! Congratulations!
Kira (Taso 9) 2019-02-16
we need more games like this! I loved it!
Stre93 (Taso 13) 2019-01-22
can you upload an online version? like in webgl
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